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The brand name Akenes Doola (a-kee-nes doo-lah) derives from the business owner's first name, Seneka.  "Doola"is the beloved nickname given to her by her late grandmother. The idea to develop the brand name, Akenes Doola" was inspired by the strength and ability within us to evolve from unlikely transitions to those more positive. Life has its way of teaching you lessons and as the old saying goes, you can let it make you or break you. The Akenes Doola brand is here to inspire you to become your greatest evolving transition.

Our brand slogan, "evolving transition" derives from the stages we move through in our lives; developing from a simple to a more complex state of being and mind. The Akenes Doola brand advocates growth and change through activewear fashion and naturalistic art. It is also our goal to accommodate the fashion needs of the sexy, stylish, and sedulous fitness fanatics. The Akenes Doola brand believes activewear is one of the most personal forms of fashion because it endures the physical, evolving transition every step of the way with you.

You can trust in the Akenes Doola brand to provide you with exceptional service and products, because it is our passion to encourage and help you embrace your evolving transition and be the best you possible.

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